Mini winter haul

by - новембар 22, 2017

Winter is here, isn't it?
Well, It's time for shopping. According to many reviews, you can notice that I was well equipped for the winter. This time I was shopping on Zaful. This site is one of the my favorites! They have amazing items at affordable prices! So this time I want to show you this time haul. Enjoy!

First time on my list is this pair of faux fur boots! They are black, maden from suede, with decoration from fur. The fur is white-colorful, and It makes boots so warm! These boots are maden according UGG model, but they aren't for rainly days! They are so comfortable. The sole is thick and soft. Mine size is 40, and they're alright for myself.

They are so interesting and look amazing on women legs. You amy combinate them with dresses or with simple pants. The fur makes them to look so expensive. I love them so much. I really enjoy wearing it. Also, you may find them in different colors and sizes on site. They are so cheap but so quality! I recommend! Visit them here.

Next item on my list are these sunglasses! Namely, It's one pair of Celine model sunglasses, maden from resin material. They are so quality. The frame is so solid, sturdy, and firm. It makes these sunglasses so glamorous, branded and to look elite! They are so interesting, very modern and attractive. The frame color is black and leopard pattern. It makes them so nice. It's causal and you may wear it with every outfits (elegant or sports). Sunglasses are so shoddy, so I recommend. Find them here

Last one item in this packet is this pair of Celine sunglasses! I forgot to say that I have these two pairs before but I donate them to my friends. So I'm happy to have them again. According frame, these sunglasses and sunglasses before, are absolutely same, just design is different. Namely, those sunnies are full black. Frame is so solid, firmly, steady and hard, too. It contribute to they look so elite. Glasses are so shine and look beautfiul, cause it's ombre style, purple to black. They are so nice to wearing. It's so comfortable, too. Also, they are so cheap and I recommend. Find them here.

So what's your opinio about my haul? Have you done your winnter shopping? Write me in comment. To the next post, love you all.

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  1. Woow! Super post! Čizmice su preslatkeee, baš prave za zimu *-*
    Novi post -> This is my life

  2. Nisam još obavila shopping za zimu, ali definitivno ću kupiti neke tople papučice ili čizmice poput ovih. :)

    Shoot for the stars

  3. Ove čizme su prelepe i jako mi se dopadaju. Odličan post draga!

  4. Ove čizme izgledaju tako mekani i pufasto da samo želim staviti nogu u njih i ne vaditi ju van *nisam psihopata*

    Odlican post draga :D❤

  5. Yeah... Winter is coming. I have to buy a scarf and a hat :D

  6. The shoes are amazing:)

  7. I love this shoes :)
    I fallow You too, kisses :*


  8. Winter haul. Ahh kako me je obradovao ovaj naslov 😊 Obozavam zimu i taj praznicni period.. Super haul ❤ Nadam se da ces uzivati u ovim stvarima tokom zime ❤

  9. Great items!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. They are both gorgeous. I want both. xoxo Cris

  11. Nisam ogromni ljubitelj čizama na uggs fazon, ali su ove tvoje jako simpatične i cozy. Nisam mogla da ne primijetim da previše naručuješ naočale xd

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  12. What a beautiful boots.
    Looks so comfy.

  13. Hello, wow, these boots are great. I am following you via GFC. Have a nice day. Best regards Jana from Magische Farbwelt

  14. I bought a similar boots, I love it for this weather, so warm and comfy! Nice pics!

    Cheers! Xxx

  15. Super collection for winter, boots are perfect & sun glasses are cool.
    Good day dear.

  16. Great collections. Love the boots, but unfortunately I am unable to use this kind of boots, because India is not that cold.

  17. Thanks a lot :D

    the boots looks so cosy :D loved it!

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  18. I m in love by the snow boots so cute...
    Xoxo from Portugal

  19. Estou a precisar, assim, de umas botas quentinhas!

    Isabel Sá
    Brilhos da Moda

  20. Ja one čizmice gledam još od prošle zime, draga moja. :D Tad nisam imala, a ni sad nemam, paypal, tako da ono... Sve u svemu, prosto su mi savšene sa onim krznom. Što se naočara tiče, nisu model koji bi stajao mom licu, ali moram da priznam da su predivne. Odličan review, Sandra.

    My blog: Ana's blogger life

  21. Those boots are amazing, look so warm! Perfect for this winter :)

    Freak Muffin Blog

  22. Great! Beautiful Blog beautiful post! Great haul dear!

  23. Hello Dear :-)
    Nice post... I like these things...
    I'm following your blog. Thank´s for your comment.
    Have a nice day
    Ana Negrão Makeup

  24. Estan superchulas!!
    Un besito muy grande ha sido un placer descubrir tu blog me quedo por aquí como seguidora y te espero por mi espacio. Si tienes redes sociales dimelo para seguirte ;)

  25. Amei seus recebidos, a botinha é linda e esse óculos é sensacional! ^^
    Beijos. ♥

    Diário da Lady

  26. Those boots are so cute! perfect for winter!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

    Maybe you’d like to see my new post: 5 Smarter ways to get dressed faster: Fall 2017

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    Much Love
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  27. Great selection dear!

  28. Cizmice su predivne draga,i sama imam neke slicne i bas su tople,obozavam da ih nosim.
    Takodje i naocare su predivne,druge mi se vise dopadaju, zbog boje,jer sam neko ko obozava crne naocare da nosi 😊

  29. Adorei o post! ,Beijinhos

  30. The boots are so fluffy! PErfect for winter!
    Thanks for the comment :)

  31. Odličan izbor. Sve mi se sviđa a najviše prve naočare. Nadam se da su čizme dobne i tople :)

  32. Odlicne si stvari odabrala. I čizmice i naocare izgledaju super :)

  33. I really love this shoes
    We wish you a great day

  34. Hello dear,

    Very nice! thank you for sharing!!!


  35. Čizme su preslatke, prave zimske! :)

  36. Amazing haul! I love these black shoes!
    Wonderful post dear!
    Have a great weekend <3
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  37. Great haul! Congrats )
    I'm still not daring to buy shoes and eyeglasses at e-stores. I don't sure I can choose suitable things.

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  38. Hi dear this is a great post but I could not comment your last two posts :( is anything wrong?
    That's Amore Blog 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈