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by - јануар 04, 2018

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! 
A few days ago, I received several packages, with products. Although they were late, I was very happy with them, and theye were big suprise for me. Namely, these are packages sent from the Zaful website, and what I got, you will see if you stay here. Also Zaful gives you best winter outfits ideas just for you. Visit site!

The first thing on this list is a black dress, made of polyester and spandex, a brief style, intended for plus size ladies. Namely, the material itself is very nice, soft and comfortable. Dress contains and lace-ups are very interesting and seductive. Sleeves are from the lace. The skirt is forward shorter - back longer, which makes this dress feminine and special. Skirt contains a lace, also. Bretels are thin, and the dress is highly structured. The color of the dress itself is intensely black and looks very nice.
This dress is too much too big for me. When I order things on Zaful, I take the most often 5 XL, and this time I ordered the dress 5XL too, but It's too big for me. And that's why I couldn't take a photo of it, and I couldn't wear it.  Of course, I plan to take it to the tailor, to narrow and constrict it . But by that time, I still owe you a photograph. I recommend this dress because it is beautiful, but pay attention to the sizes, please!

Next item on my list is this fantastic bag! Yeah, it's really fantastic! Namely, it's a small, specific black bag made of leather, which in itself contains perfect details, including small stones, crystals, and chirons, mixed and glued on both sides of this bag. The bag is very nicely opens and closes, It's firm, stable, and looks very elite. It has a specific chain with a leather belt, which gives a very good impression at first glance.  The bag isn't too small, it's so comfortable, intended for evening outings, or festive / glamm occasions. I put in it my wallet, phone, paper wipes and lipstick, which is quite enough for this small bag. I'm in love with this bag, and it's just the prettiest purse I've got in my collection. It's so beautiful, so I recommend it to everyone.

I have a lot of festive lately, so I need good jewelry always. Zaful offers an excellent range of beautiful necklaces, which is why I decided to order three. Now I present to you three necklaces I have ordered from this site. First on list is this Simple Circle Necklase golden colors. This necklace is very simple, because it consists of a classic thin chain, and one golden circle. Although simple, she is very beautiful and wonderful standing. It can be combined with various outfits and you may wear it every day. It's very convenient and you can find it here. Next on list is this Beads Bohemain feather necklase, who is so so beautiful, and I really like it. It consists of a thin chain and a pendant. Namely, this time it is a specific pendant, with special symbolic feathers. I didn't open this necklace because I decided to give it to you in the giveaway that will soon be on my blog. But you can buy it here. And the last one necklase is this Faux Gem Boho Geometrical statement. This is a very unusual, unique necklace, dedicated to ceremonial occasions. It's made of large geometric tiles, and zircon. Since it is colored, you can combine it with different outfits. With it you get very beautiful earrings, which I can not wait to wear. I definitely recommend and you can find it here.

And the last one item on my haul list is this pair of boots. Namely, these are black boots made of suede. On top they are decorated with high quality fur, which makes them look very elite. This is the most beautiful pair of boots I have, definitely. The sole is thick but soft, which makes these boots very comfortable to wear. Product description says: A compact version of the classic cold weather boots will become your go to pair for the cooler months. Featuring an ankle high shaft with top tassels trim, and a cosy wool insole. This pair have now been pre-treated to resist water and stains, as well as provides increased cushioning, durability and traction.Team with any casual wear and keep your feet toasty. They are very comfor, and very nice. I'm in love with them, so big recommend. You can find them here.

So, my darling, we finished this haul Review. Do you like my items? What's your opinion? Are you shopping on Zaful? Write me in comments. To the next time, all the best.

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  1. Draga Sandra, sve izgleda divno, posebno mi se dopada nakit. Odličan izbor!
    Magični svet lepote

  2. Divan post draga! Imamo istu torbicu! Fantastična je! Mnogo je lepša uživo nego na svim slikama na kojima sam je videla. :D

    Milica's diary


  3. What a divine bag ... the aceesorios I love them!

  4. Really amazing items dear! I love Zaful :)

  5. Que peças incríveis eu amei.
    Feliz ano novo.

  6. This bag looks awesome :-*

    Melanie /

  7. Torbica je divna,a favorit su mi ovi lančići,predivno izgledaju!♥

    Bella Place.

  8. Stvarčice su predine, draga. I sama znaš koliko obožavam tvoj stil. Čizme su mi favorit, doduše, ali sve stvari su preeeelepe. Odličan odbir. :)

    The girl named Ana

  9. Odlične stvari si poručila, šteta što nisi probala haljinu da vidimo kako ti stoji. Posebno mi se dopada torbica, izgleda baš skupo i moram priznati da mi se uvijek dopadnu torbice koje poručiš :D

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  10. Thank you for visiting. I love the purse - it is perfect
    for all seasons.
    Happy new year, Mimi

  11. Thank you so much Malefica!! I'm so happy that you liked my new ins :) Can't wait to show them to you in the coming outfits ;) Happy day! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  12. Thanks a lot :D

    all pieces are cool my friend :)

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  13. love the shoes so cute!!

    have a nice day

  14. wow amazing & beautifull collection you have darling love this bag.. online shopping in pakistan

  15. Odusevljena sam stvarcicama, draga.

    Novi post na mom blogu

  16. Wow, mnogo mi se dopadaju stvari koje si poručila. A svakako bih izdvojila ove predivne ogrlice koje su me iskreno oduševile, kao i torbica. Žao mi je što ti je haljina prevelika, ali nadam se da se može popraviti ❤️❤️❤️

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  17. wow beautiful items, I love the bag and shoes:)

  18. Olá Sandra,

    Amei os seus recebidos!! O vestido deve ter ficado lindo em você!!

    Um beijo,

    My Pure Style x My Instagram x My Facebook 

  19. They have great items! I love their dresses ♥ Great post!
    Happy New Year :)

  20. Adorei sua bolsa, é linda <3
    Beijos, visite-me

  21. torebka jest bardzo ciekawa podoba mi się :)

  22. Such lovely pieces! Love them all!



  23. Prezanimljiv odabir stvarčica.
    Torbica me je oduševila 👜😍

    Pogledaj moj blog,ukoliko želiš.
    Nova sam,pa bi mi neizmerno značilo ❤

  24. Great haul!
    Your new bag is super sparkling!
    Happy new year beauty!
    Kisses, Paola.

  25. amazing stuff..... I love your bag and Happy New Year

    Have a nice day
    Glamorous without the Guilt

  26. Obozavam tvoje slike jer su uvek tako close up hahha. Slikas sve delove predmeta ispred objektiva, sto je fantasticno 😊. Uzivala sam u postuu 💕

    Novi post je na mom blogu, ako zelis da pogledas---

  27. Beautiful things! I really love Zaful!

    Have a nice weekend, kisses <3

  28. Wow, amazing post, love it! ♥
    Maybe follow for follow?


  29. Cool accessories I loved them all!
    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal

  30. Аутор је уклонио коментар.

  31. Sve je divno draga, čizme su mi najslađe! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  32. Hello dear, I love that purse :) I've never collaborated with ZAFUL but I would love to. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Walking Freckle
    I am following you via GFC, it would mean a lot to me if you followed me back :)

  33. Svidja mi se tvoj izbor. Favorit mi je ova preslatka mini torba.
    Ljubim te

  34. Amazing choices, in love with this bag.