Zaful Christmas Wishlist

by - јануар 03, 2018

My previous year was very nice, because I shopping many times on my favorite website Zaful. Zaful is a online store with a large assortment of different things that are of high quality. I love to shopping on this site and that's why I present you a Christmas Wishlist today! Enjoy in my selection.

                             LINK                                             LINK                                           LINK
                           LINK                                              LINK                                              LINK

Well, do you love my list? What's your opinion about these items?
Write me in comments! Malefica loves you! 
Merry Christmas!

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24 коментара

  1. Odličan izbor,draga! Ovi džemperi su prelepi. ❤

  2. Divine su stvarcice. Preslatki dzemperi.

    Novi post na mom blogu

  3. The red dress looks ver nice ;) Well, at least on the model ;) I would'nt wear it, it's too daring for me :D

  4. That red and white sweater is super cute! Nice collection! ♥

    My blog ♥

  5. uau!!! amei as escolhas lindas roupas !! bjs
    te seguindo!

  6. Crveno - beli božićni džemper sa irvasima - ljubav mog života. :D
    Sve stvarčice su u suštini lepe, ali bih taj džemperić izdvojila kao favorit.

    The girl named Ana

  7. Predivan wishlist draga♥