Big Zaful Haul!

by - март 14, 2018

Hi everyone, welcome to Malefica's Kindoom!
Today we talk about special packet I've got from Zaful, so what I ordered, let's see!
Just before start, I have to share Zaful women's day, women's day special, and womens day deals on Zaful. Go on site and shopping! 

Fitst items on my review list is this set of makeup brushes! Set contains 6 different brushes, who are white colors with golden details. Brushes are so elegant and look so nice and professional. What surprised me is that the hair of these brushes is very soft, but very dense and quality. It's darkens with white tips. Brushes are great for washing and easy to dry, and they're very useful. In this set you get one brush for highlighter, one for lips, one for blanding eyeshadow, one for apply your foundation, one for blush, and one for bland your foundation or put facial powder. All brushes are fantastic. This time I ordered two sets, but why, you will see soon! I love these brushes, so big recommend!

Next set of brushes is this collection of 5 brushes, maden from 'aluminuim'. They are black, so elegand and look so professional, so elite, and so branded! All of them are different. Namely, one is for blush, one for contouring, one for fondation, one for highlighter, and one for special blanding foundation. Hair of these brushes is medium quality. It's from nylon, and It's okay, but this set is so expensive, and every brush cost about 2-3$, so that's so much for chenese makeup brushes! I expected more from them, really. Because they are so beautiful, look fantastic, but they are simple. I recommend for everyone who love classic (not pro) brushes.  

Last one item on this review list is this pallet, actually, palettes*! You know that I love makeup so much, so this time I ordered two same pallets! Why two, you will se! Namely, this pallet contains 120 different colors, matte, or with shimmer, they are eco-friendly (It's so important to me), hipyalergentic, and limits bacteria. All of them are powder constitution. I have to say that I was reading so much reviews about this pallet, so I decided to order it. This pallet is so so pigmented, believe it or not! All colors are so quality, so intensive, so stay, steady and really nice. They are easily blended, and easily mixed.  They are easy to apply, and they last long. There are almost all colors here, from the brightest to the darkest, colorful or nude, so you can make glamurous makeup looks or daily makeup looks with this pallet. Within one box you get three different pallets with beautiful colors. Pallets can easily be removed and you can move them. Colors don't hurt, they don't cause any allergy so big recommed for this palette. But why I ordered two sets of brushes and two pallets? Because I will make one big giveaway so so soon, and I want to gift you same items like I have. To enjoy in them together.

Do you like my haul? What do you like the most?

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105 коментара

  1. Odličan haul draga! Baš mi se svidja prvi set četkica,izgleda jako kvalitetno. 🌹

  2. Oh wow! What a wonderful selection of items. That second set of brushes in particular, sounds really useful. Definitely a great way to perfect makeup application!

  3. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx

  4. Great post, dear.
    I'm following you and I hope you will follow me back. 💓

  5. Cool items! ♥

  6. Fin odabir, Sandra. Četkice ovako fizički deluju jako lepo, mada ih nisam probala da bih govorila o kvalitetu, pa ću ti verovati na reč. :) Super recenzija, draga moja ❤️❤️❤️

    The girl named Ana

  7. Quanto pincel lindo! A Zaful é maravilhosa né? Eu amo

  8. Great haul! The brushes and palettes are all so pretty.

  9. Kakva mraaak slika gospodarice zla! But, let me just take a second to appreciate how pretty these white brushes looks!! :D Odličan odabir stvarčića, želim ti divan i produktivan dan!

    Ako želiš zaviri u moj novi post: Novi post

  10. Beautiful brushes and palette:) nice colors:)

  11. Beijinhos,
    Espero por ti em:

  12. Baš volim četkice na Zafulu! Dosta su dobre i kvalitetne, a imaju super izbor istih.
    Fotkice su super ♥

  13. Some very good makeup brushes

  14. Amei seus recebidos, esses pincéis e a make são perfeitos!
    Amo essa loja Zaful. ^^
    Beijos. ♥

    Diário da Lady

  15. Hey hey!
    Love the brushes!
    Kisses! <3

  16. Predivan post, odnosno haul, ove nijanse sjena su savršene *o* što se tiče četkica mislim da zaful ima i bolji izbor četkica, mada ove sa bijelom drškom ne izgledaju loše

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  17. Amazing haul


  18. Great items. Beautiful brushes.

  19. Molto belli i pennelli cara

  20. I love them all! the brushes are cute and perfect!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal

  21. Wowww so nice things... love the brushes...
    Xoxo from Portugal

  22. Great haul!! I love all you have showed in the post!

  23. Super post! Imam iste bijele četkice i fenomenalne su! Palete su prelijepe, imaju presavršene boje *-*
    Novi post -> Peany

  24. Divne su cetkice, a nijanse senki mi se mnogo dopadaju i deluju bas pigmentovano ! :)
    Odlican haul ! <3


  25. Great post!
    Love this storeee ♡


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  27. Odabrala si fantasticne stvarcice. Cetke mi bas deluju primamljivo.

  28. Well, so many beautiful and good things! I love it dear. Big kisses

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