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by - јун 17, 2018

Hello darling, welcome to Malefica's kingdoom!
It's Sunday, so nice day, so I decided to share one new review post with you. Some weeks ago, I've got one big packet from pretty site Rosegal, so what I've ordered, let's see! I must say that the packet arrived so fast, clean and undamaged. Let's start!

First item in this review post is this pair of pants! Namely, it's about pants maden from polyester. 

The wide leg suspender pants feature removable adjustable straps, side stripe pattern, high elastic waist, and side slits. Pair the pants with a red cropped top and your fave heels for a color blocked look! They are so interesting and unusual, what makes them so specific and nice.

Pants are colorful, and I like it so much. This green color is so special, and this red is very intesive! Like this combination so much. They are so comfortable, elastic and looks wonderful! I love to wear them with some red shirt, or red heels! They are fantastic! The price isn't low, but it worths every money. I recommend them!

Next item, and the last one too, on that review list is this set of makeup brushes! Set consists of ten brushes, of different sizes, shapes and purposes. All brushes are very nice and interesting, so dense and quality. All of them are colorful, in a mermaid style. They are very beautiful and stable. The handle are plastic, but the hair is made of synthetic hair. This set is ultra soft fibre eye makeup set. 

The set of the eye makeup brush included eyeshadow brushes, blending brush, eyebrow brush and concealer brush. Eash of these different brush allows you to create a variety of eye makeup
- Made of fine textured bristles, which you can feel silky and comfortable when using and gives you a flawless eye makeup application every single time
- Maintain tips: Please clean the makeup brush regularly by any mild cleansing such as baby shampoo/ brush cleanser, so that it can extending the service life of the cosmetic brush.
This set is so useful, cheap but quality, and i love it so much. Recommend.

Do you like my haul?

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  1. How awesome are those pants? I love them! And that brush set is gorgeous as well.

  2. Uzela si jaaako lijepe stvari.


  3. Divan haul, ovakvo nešto još nisam vidjela, ove kao trenerka hlače s tregerima, baš simpatično

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  4. I like this makeup brushes and nice post.

  5. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  6. Amazing things, in love with that brushes


  7. Pretty chic pants and the brushes looks so cute
    Great things from rosegal

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  8. Beautiful post, dear! I like your blog.
    Following you! Follow back?