Big makeup haul by rosegal

by - новембар 20, 2017

Hello people! Welcome to my big makeup Haul by Rosegal!
You know that I'm someone who really love to experiment with makeup, and someone who hasn't predjudice about Chinese makeup. This makeup is like all other, and confirme for this is the condition in which the makeup arrived. The makeup was perfectly packed, without any damage or open signs. I tried all my makeup and nothing caused an allergy, even though I have very sensitive skin. So today we are talking exclusively about the quality of this makeup. To everyone who 'hate' Chinese make-up I have to say 'Goodbye from my blog!' Let's start darling!

I want to start this review with product for face, so first item on my list is this foundation in specification #FF01. One year ago, I tried this powder and I was satisfied with it. So I wanted to order it a long time, and finally, it's here. This powder has a very nice and delicate formula, similar like bb cream, which is what it's. It hydrates the skin, and gives it a beautiful natural glow. There is no matte finish, which I like for everyday use. It has a secondary covering power but that can be upgraded by placing another layer or corrector. It doesn't require special matting and set-up, becaouse it isn't so greasy on face. It 's intended for all skin types. It do't oxidize, which is very important to me. It mixes nicely, it is easy to blend and is used with bronzer and gallop. It doesn't leave any clods or lichens on the face. And last time, but now too, I'm very satisfied with this, because for a small amount of money you get an excellent and very good product. Recommend! 

Next product for face is this Mineral Powder. Namely, this is a 'stone' powder, which you can choose in different shades. My is in the shade # 01, which is even the brightest. When I ordered it, I planned to be a powder for the whole face, but he was too bright for my skin. However, I saw that the powder was very good and I had to find a role for it, and yes, I found it. Powder for baking! Yeah! Apply powder on your face and then light a corrector under your eyes. This bright powder can be used perfectly for styling. It doesn't leaves clods, doesn't stretch the pores, doesn't give a fake look. I recommend!

One more item, for face makeup, is one concealer. The manufacturer states: -High quality and long lasting, Crease-resistant, opaque coverage and a creamy yet light weight texture for facial skin, Ideal for traveling, at home or professional use, Suitable for all skin tepez, Soft, high light, natural and bright, very big temperament. Is it all true? I can say YES. Really! Mine is in specification 05 (green) and I use it to cover all my imperfections, all redness and simillar. Use it under foundation and It works. Recommend!

Next item on this list is one highliter. Namely, It's shimmer metallic highliter in specification #03, in champagne color. Only the package is very nice. It's a high-qualityplastic, round, high-quality pallet that contains a product and a mirror. The palette contains enough products and it look very fine. And is the product actually such? Well, not really, unfortunately. The product is too tattered and consumed, leaves a flaky look on the face, no glossy reflection, no holo effect. I really like the color so I decided to preserve this product and use it only as a shimmer shadow. As a highliter, definitely not. 

Next, we have one very interesting set. Namely, this is a small collection of eye pencils, which seem to be very strange and unusual. I don't know how to present them, because they are't ordinary eyeliners, but they are't even classical shadows. You can use them as shadows, for your forehead, and you can draw lines like eyeliner. The set comes with six pens, of different colors, with and without shimmer. The colors are very interesting and unusual. They mix well and I can blend with the other shadows I like. I don't use them often, but it's nice to have them. I recommend.

The thing that surprised me the most is this Palette and I like it very much. It's a palette that contains 25 different shades, earth tones. Colors are with shimmer and matte. Here we have different shades, from the brightest to the darkest, and from the warmest to the darkest. That's why this palette is great for everyday use. I expected it to be a little bigger, but this is also great. The shadows are good, they aren't consumed and don't swing too much, which is great. They're beautifully blended, don't require excessive base, and last long, until you wipe them off yourself.They did't give me any allergies. The price is very good, I recommend.

So the last one items on my haul list is this set of lip liner pencils. Namely, this is a set containing 12 pencils for the mouth, of different colors. The colors are predominantly pink but have purple and red.
This set costs less than $ 5, so I did't expect some quality. The pens aren't too greasy, they are so hard for appling and spoil poorly, so they can use only for serve  lips. They aren't so quality, they're difficult to cut, but they are interesting, and they are nice to have them in their closet corner.

So do you like my big big haul? I love them and recommend to go on Rosegal and shopping. 
Write me in comment your opinion and expirience about these products.
Malefica loves you all.

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  1. thats a lot of make up!! Love everything and just like you i dont care if its chinese or not, if I like it I use it!

  2. Predivan haul, draga Sandra. Bez obzira na to što mnogi negoduju i protive se kupovini sa kineskih sajtova ja moram reći da su njihovi proizvodi odlične pigmentacije kao i kvaliteta. Još uvijek nisam imala nikakvih problema zbog njih, a moram naglasiti da imam jaako osjetljivu kožu. Mnoogo mi se dopao hajlajter ^_^

  3. Nice products!

  4. Great haul, darling! I love the eyeshadow palette! Xx

    My last post here:

  5. Odličan odabir, draga. Iako sam uvek bila za one srebrnaste nijanse hajlajtera, ovaj zlatan me je baš pozitivno iznenadio. Drago mi je da si ga predstavila ovde. A i onaj Eyeshadow pencil set deluje dobro, mada nisam probala. :) Odličan post.

    My blog: Ana's blogger life

  6. Nijesam ljubitelj narucivanja sminke sa ovih sajtova ali lijepo je cuti razne informacije i recenzije, a ti to radis odlicno. Dopada mi se paleta sjenki za oci, ali i olovke za usne xo

  7. Great products.
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I'm already following yours back.

  8. wow wonderful beauty products:)

  9. Ja se uvek plasim da narucujem presovane proizvide (senke, bronzere itd u kamenu) zbog transporta. Sve tripujem da ce da stigne pola polomljeno. Odlican post, stvarno ❤ Jako lepa recenzija i slike su vrhunske 😊

    Novi post, ako zelis da pogledas, je na blogu -----

  10. Odlična recenzija, kao i uvijek :D Sve mi se jako sviđa, pogotovo ovaj hajlajter. Kad čitam ovakve postove dođe mi da si i sama nešto naručim, ali iz nekog razloga uvijek odustanem od toga ahhah
    Odličan post <3

  11. the palette is soooo amazing!! great collection, Sandra.


  12. Love those cosmetics, look so good, I' m following☺

  13. Cada make incrível, adorei demais seus recebidos! *--*
    Achei perfeita essas cores, adorei!
    Beijos. ♥

    Diário da Lady

  14. Amazing palette! Love the colors.

  15. Ajlajneri i paleta sa sjenama mi se najviše dopada, a i djeluje kvalitetno. Što se tiče olovaka za usne i sama ih imam i okej su. Predivan haul draga, uživam u ovakvim haul postovima, pogotovo kada je šminka u pitanju

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  16. Wow how cool,
    I didn't knew Rosegal has make up products too.
    definetly have to check out their shop.

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

  17. What a great roundup of products dear!!
    Mónica Sors

  18. Oh wow! Amazing makeup items :) I love different color kajal :)
    Wonderful post dear! Have a great week ahead <3
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  19. Great products :)
    Zapraszam na nowy post :)

  20. Great review of the products!
    Too bad about the highlighter, but everything else seems great

  21. baza mnie zaciekawiła :) pozdrawiamy i zapraszamy :)

  22. Great post! The pics are stunning. :) Interesting to try these products.

  23. Great products! Beautiful colors!

  24. I like Chinese cosmetics and I have a lot of them such as eyeshadows, eyelibers, a lot of lipsticks.
    I was really impress with your haul *_* So much a make-up! I really like the highlighter and both pencil sets.

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  25. woow! so much cool stuff! I really adore lip pencils!