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by - новембар 21, 2017

Winter is here. Each of us need new boots, blouses, sweat shirts, jackets, right? Malefica has a solution for you. Recently I also wanted to prepare for the winter and added something in my cabinet. That's why we're talking today about the things I got from the Zaful site. Let's start.

First item on my list is this shirt. It's one so unusual and really interesting blouse. Namely, it's gray, maden from mix of polyester and spandex. It's the plus size t-shirt featuring lace insert and long sleeve, the lace can show a little sexy, increases your female charm. It is cut above her breast and a mesh lace is placed there. 
The lace is black, and It makes blouse so sexy, so nice and special! You can wear it with elegant pants and heels, or with trousers and sneakers. It look really nice on plus size girls. I love to wear it, cause it's so comfortable and alright. Also, You can find it in different colors and other sizes. It's cheap but so quality. I like to wear it this winter, with denim slacks, black coat, and black boots, and it looks so interesting and really girly. I recommend. Find it here.

Next item, and liste one, too, on this list is one pair of boots. Namely, there are boots, which I had last year. Last year's were completely black, and these now have a different sole. Satisfied with the past pair, I decided to order again similar. The material from which the skin is made is leather. The color is very intensely black and that gives the impression of high quality. The sole is a brown and maden of solid material. It's very comfortable and comfortable to wear.
 Your legs are so warm, so restful and really fresh. boots are stitched, which ensures longevity. You can find them in brown color, too, and in evry sizes! I'm planning to buy them, too. They cost about 40$, what is great for this quality! I recommend. Visit here.

So do you like my haul? I hope yes, you do! So write me your opinion in comment!
See you soon. Malefica loves you.

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  1. Odličan izbor draga. Mnogo mi se dopada sve što si izabrala. Ova majica mi je nekako možda i najljepša u posljednje vrijeme ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Divan haul! Majica je savrsena!

  3. Woow! Oduševljena sam majicom, a i čizme su preslatke, baš kao one koje su trenutno u trendu *--*
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  4. I love the boots!
    Have a good day!

    Nuovo post sul mio blog!
    Ti aspetto da me se ti va!

  5. Majica mi se bas sviđa, i čizmice su lijepe *-*
    Odličan haul ❤

  6. Pretty nice haul)
    It is interesting to see the complete outfit ))) I think T-shirt is pretty good on you ♥

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  7. You ordered amazing things, I really like your shoes, good to know that you're pleased with that purchase :)

  8. Great haul, beautifull clothes


  9. I love the blouse and shoes:)

  10. The boots are so tempting! I always want to wear ankle boots but I always feel like it doesn't suit me well :)


  11. Thanks, dear!
    I follow you too a long time ago :)
    Nice things!

  12. Great haul!♥ Love your boots, they can match with all the outfits!

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    Instagram: @witty_sweety

  13. Divan haul. Zaful stvarno ima najbolje stvarčice, majica je divna

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