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by - фебруар 05, 2018

Hello people, welcome to my new post!
After long time I'm here and I'm happy to present you my new packets, gotten from Rosegal. This hauls is interesting, but some pieces isn't perfect.Why you will see. In my country, curly models isn't so popular, and I'm one from them, and It's great feeling. Love to be diferent! Before we start, I have to say you that Rosegal prepared a special asortment for Valentine Day, so visit and shopping! Now, Let's start.

First piece on my review list is this white and black dress. It's maden from Polyester and Spandex. Sit back and let yourself be charmed by this two tone off the shoulder dress. Accented with lace trim hem, it's finished with a swingy skirt that's totally twirl-worthy. It has Long sleeves. The dress is of very good material, it is very soft and comfortable to wear. The upper part is very simple and the bottom is very elegant and has a very nice lace. The dress is so beautiful but I had one big problem with it. What problem? It was so big for me. And I had to carry her to the tailor to reduce her. Now it's okay, and it looks great to me. It is very convenient and I recommend.

New item on my list is this Black dress. It's black, so elegante, with tinteresting flower print. It's maden from polyester, and it's so comfortable for wearing. Dress Lenght is mini, and I love it. Style is Brief but you can combinate it with each heels. It's no belt, but It has this embroidery print who makes this dress to look so attractive. This dress's size is okay for me, so It looks nice on my. I really like it. These openings On the shoulders make it very provocative, but beautiful and casual. It's a very good price, I recommend.

Next dress is this long black dress maden from polyester and spandex. This gorgeous maxi dress is perfect for summer! Featuring a strappy lace up with ruffle overlay detail in the front, this gorgeous look is sure to shine at any event! It also features a stunning high slit! The material is lightweight and slightly soft , making it perfect for a warm summer evening! From music festivals to parties on the beach, this gorgeous look is perfect for summer! Casual Style. It's so comfort and looks fantastic. Looks provocative and sexy but pretty. I love how it looks on me. Recommend.

Link is here.

Chiffon Ruffled off the shouleder plus size Romper

Also, on this list we have one black slip overalls. It looks fantastic. It's maden from polyester. Sellers says: Be playful with the Bell Sleeve Romper, featuring a sophisticated off-the-shoulder design, the all black playsuit have a tonal elastic ideal to cinch your waist and shape your silhouette. Straight fit. Smooth, lightweight chiffon fabric. Flare sleeves; bell cuffs, Extra-wide dressy leg. Is it true? Yes, definitely. It looks fantastic on girl. But I have one problem. It's too small for my body! Poor! But i love it.

Link is here.

Faux Fur Insert asymmetric cape coat

Enough with the dresses, now we are going to one piece of clothing I long wanted. Frankly, when it came, I wasn't very enthusiastic. Except it doesn't look like a picture, it doesn't stand well. It's maden of very nice material, it is comfortable and warm, but it makes me even thicker than I am. Coat is flowy, and crafts from faux fur panel hooded details and cape design. It's intended for wearing winter in autumn. I plan to wear it only in night outings over the dress, and over the jacket, definitely not. You order, you may like it.

Links is here.

Plus size Intimates Lace trim Bra

Something I doubt for a long time is buying a brush-roller on this site. Now I finally decided to afford one brush-roller. It's a black brush-roller, made of nylon, polyester, and spandex. It is very nice, attractive, sexy, attractive and provocative. In the lower part there is a very beautiful sexy lace that makes it perfect. Also on the brushcutter there is a small detail - the decor, which makes it very interesting. Bretels are very high quality, and wide, which I like the most. It's very comfortable and I recommend it. This looks like after several washings:

Since we started with the dress, we have to finish with the dress. The last thing on this list is a very beautiful dress. It's a baby pink dress made of polyester. The set is cotton, and over it is a very beautiful, attractive lace. Sleeves are medium lengths made of lace. The color itself is very beautiful and perfectly stand. I made a mistake when choosing a size, and this dress is a little bigger, but I certainly like it. I will have to take the tailor's dress to reduce it, because it's a pity to don't wear because it's too big for me. Recommend.

How do you like my shopping? Write me in comment. To do next time, Malefica loves you.

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  1. Jao 😍 Haljine su prelepe i savršeno ti stoje. ❤

  2. These dresses are very beautiful, the first and the third one are my favourites.
    Have a beautiful evening!

  3. Da li ja ovo primjećujem neke nove momente na tvom blogu ^_^. Zaista mi je drago što si odlučila da proizvode predstaviš na ovaj način. Iskreno smatram da na taj način svaki komad ispriča svoju priču.
    Vlim Rosegal i zaista imaju divnu ponudu. Treća haljina mi je vrh i ooodlično ti stoji. :*

  4. Wow, simply fantastic!! I love your dresses so much!

  5. Wow, rosegal ima stvarno divne stvari, a vidim pogotovo haljine, ova prva, crno- bijela mi je fantastična i odlično ti stoji. Btw imam istu torbicu i baš sam je poručila na tvoju preporuku

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

    1. Hvala mnogo Dalila!Drago mi je da si uvazila moje preporuke, nadam se da ti se dopada i da uzivas noseci je!

  6. Great haul, amazing dresses... I love them all!
    Kisses, Paola.


  7. Beautiful dresses. You look stunning.

  8. Lindas peças, mas meu preferido e o vestido de renda, e realmente incrível.
    Ótima noite.

  9. Amei demais os looks! Arrasou, beijos!

  10. Love the black slit dress. So Sexy!!!

  11. Amo de paixao essa loja

  12. Beaultifiul dresses!! Loved!!

  13. I tuoi acquisti sono favolosi ti stanno benissimo cara

  14. Everything looks great to me. And you look great in them.

  15. Beautiful dresses Dear, I love all of them!:)

  16. Sve haljine su prelepe draga! Izgledaš fenomenalno! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  17. Predivno! Haljine baš nekako idu uz tebe, divno ti stoje i super izgledaš ♥

  18. Some of the dresses are really awesome :-*

    Melanie /

  19. Hi dear!
    Love the black dress and the bra, so sexy :)