Try on - Big Rosegal haul - Watches, coat

by - фебруар 05, 2018

Hi people, welcome to Malefica's blog. How are you?
I'm so happy today, so I want to opet my new packet from Rosegal, with you and try on all items. I've hote this packet three days ago but I didn't try any of them, so I'd love to do it now.
Just before we start I hve to present u Valentines sales 2018, so go on Rosegal site and shopping. And now... Let's start.

The first thing on my list is this black blazer. So far, I've ordered a lot of jackets in this style, but it's never like this one. I honestly expected that this jacket is more leathery, and it looks less like a coat, but I still didn't disappoint. Namely, jacket is maden from polyester and Cotton blends.It seems intersely black. The material is medium soft, not so soft but not hard and rough.

The jacket is medium-length. On the sleeves there are details of the skin that make it very beautiful. It doesn't swing forward, it is carrying on a switch. From the bottom is set, so the jacket is very warm. The jacket is heavy when worn. I like the model very much, but there is one problem. When I ordered, I ordered a number larger so my jacket is now a bit big. I plan to bring it to tailor, to reduce it, and I hope it will then be perfect. It can be combined with all combinations, and the price is favorable. So I recommend.

I'm someone who loves watches, and who often chooses to buy them. However, I haven't ordered them for a long time, so this time I decided to order myself and my friends a couple of pieces. I ordered LVPAI Women metal Band Quartz Golden tone Watch, Men Faux Blue rey glass quartz analog watch, Flower Dial pu Band quartz watch, and REEBONDZ New style black sun rays watch. General, I have to say that each one of these clocks arrived nicely packed and undamaged. I must also say that they are all very beautiful and made of high quality. Each one has a beautiful black leather belt. I really like the black color, so I decided primarily for black belts. Each of them has a mineral glass window for dial protection. They are personalized in design and delicate in workmanship. They are  great present for your friends or relatives on birthday/Christmas.  And they are good time-reminder and ornament.They may be Casual, Fashion, Classic, Lovely, Childlike, or Jewellery style. 

This LVPAI Women metal Band Quartz Golden tone (click on link) watch is very nice with golden details. It can be combined perfectly with nightwear. You may find it in all other colors. 
Men faux blue rey glass watch (click on link) is specific because it has so interesting glass window. It's perfect present for your man. On my poor, I have a problem with it. It's broken in transport, so... 
Women flower print watch (click on link) is so cute and so girly, and you may find them in every color, so it would be great present for your girl friend. 
And this Reebondz black watch (click on link) looks so elite, so expensive and so modern, cause it's so intesive black, elegante and high quality! I love all of them. They are so affordable, so go and shopping!

Do you like my haul? What do you like the most? Write me in comments. To the next time, love you all! Malefica.

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  1. Me encanta rosegal, compro muchos juguetes de esta página Para mis hijos! 💛💛💛

  2. Kako predivni satovi. Ne mogu se odlučiti koji mi se najviše sviđa ♥

  3. Zaista divan HAUL, satovi su predivni, samo mi je žao što je kod jednog slomljeno staklo ako sam dobro razumela, ali ostali su takođe prelepi! Uživaj u nošenju ♥ ♥

    Is there any originality?

  4. Great products.

  5. Hello! I hope you have a good start on Sunday, I liked your ride, the truth is that I do not usually wear watches, because I ignore them, I should have proof of myself how it would last, but so beautiful give the touch of subtle elegance and your jacket looks Nice, it's made for you.
    I was eagerly awaiting a new message from you :)

  6. I love hauls!! so excited for you! such amazing watches, love it!!

  7. Jaoo satovi su predivni, šteta što je kod jednog polomljeno staklo :/

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  8. All the watches look amazing :-*

    Melanie /