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by - фебруар 03, 2018

 Hello darling, welcome to my blog.
Today we're talking about Gamiss, and packet I've got frome them. So let's start! 

Namely, when ordering, there was a small problem, and this entire order delayed, but this doesn't matter now, because I got an excellent package. In this package, I received a very nice jacket. It's about a jacket made of cotton and polyester, and which is better black. The color itself is not intensely dark black, but it is very beautiful and unusual, making this jacket interesting. 

The jacket is set with a very fine fur from below, which makes it very comfortable and very warm. Its middle length is wide, its sleeves are of good length, very warm and comfortable. The jacket also has a very nice hat, which will protect you from cold winds and rain. It is intended for the autumn and winter season. Clothes type is wool and blends. Collar is Hooded, and style is fashion. 

You can combine this jacket with all of it. She is very beautiful and very comfortable to wear. I ordered in number 4XL and it is a bit bigger, but it will definitely be great for cold winter days. I would recommend it to you all very well. You can find it in different sizes and colors here.

Do you like my haul? Do you love Gamiss? Write me in comment.
See you soon. 

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  1. your blog has left me speechless!
    I stay here because I love fashion blogs and without a doubt you have tastes like mine, so you will see me commenting often hehe


  2. Predobar post, jakna je divna <3
    Follow-follow on GFC?

  3. Аутор је уклонио коментар.

  4. I ja sam baš nedavno poručivala sa gamissa i stigle su mi stvari koje su poprilično kvalitetne- Ova jakna je super, ali su mi za oko zapale duboke čizme *o*

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