Camouflage is always attractive!

by - фебруар 03, 2018

Hi people, how are you today? Welcome to my blog.
These days I got a lot of packages including the Zaful package. Today we start a marathon review, so I'll show you what I got it in the coming days. Let's get started.

The first thing I want to show you is this jacket. Namely, lately this camouflage print is very attractive, and I myself have decided to order one such jacket. Namely, it is about a trench jacket made of polyester, which is long up to the knee. It has a hat, and two very interesting flap pockets. Type is wide-waisted, collar is hooded, seaseon intended is fall and spring.

The material itself is very fine, it isn't crowded, it's very nice, it is very comfortable. The jacket is very soft and provides comfort when worn. It's very nice to combine with different combinations, but I like to wear it with black clothes. It is also suitable for wear during rain because the material does not drop. It's very warm although it's seemingly thin.
This jacket is very beautiful, very modern and yet very comfortable. It's pretty unique and it brings a lot of attention and good comments when I wear it. I like it very much, and the price is quite affordable so I recommend.  You can find it in all sizes here.

Also, Zaful prepared Zaful valentines day 2018 Special Promotion Valentines Sales 2018 (click on link) . You can use my Coupone: ZafulChen , and there you will have Big coupone 10% OFF! Also, use my Zaful CODE: ZafulIns. This also have 10%-20% coupon off! It's fantastic a bid, isn't it? 

Do you like camouflage print? 

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  1. Hi dear!
    I really like that camouflated jacket :D
    Have a nice weekend you too <3

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    Is one of my favourite prints dear :D You look great

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  3. Love that jacket!!

  4. Draga Sandra, ja sam tebi već rekla koliko volim tebe da vidim na slikama i kako mi se to zaista dopada. Ova jakna mi se mnogo dopada i zaista ima odličan print. Jedva čekam da vidim i ostale stvari ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Skoro mi je stigao ovaj mantilić, i mogu reći da sam baš zadovoljna kvalitetom! Baš ti lepo stoji uz minić i čizme! <3

  6. Jakna predivno izgleda i ja sam jedno vrijeme htjela da imam sve što je a fazon ovog printa, jer je baš aktuelno i in :D

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