Palettes palettes palettes!

by - март 01, 2018

Hi every one! Welcome to my blog! How are you today?
I'm so happy and cheerful, beacouse packet from Rosegal came to me! You know how much I love makeup, so this time, I decided to order just palettes! About what pallets, you will find out below! These things are sponsored, but my opinion is solely true and true! I have no prejudice about makeup from these sites, so I buy it regularly and I'm always satisfied. Before we start, I have to rpesent you valentines day sales and best valentine gifts.Well, Let's try on!

First pallet I wanna present you is this palette kit of concealers! Someone who follows my blog long, will know that I ordered same pallet some months ago. Well, let's remind! This pallet is maden from hight quality plastic, and it's coming in really nice paper packet. When you open it, it's protected with transparent foil. Sixteen different concealers come in this package. There are from the brigtest to the darkest colors, here. All colors are so nice and quality, oils, no grudges, they  smear and smudge good. They don't leave orange stains on your face. They don't make skin dry, and they are so steady and long-term. That's why I decided to order antoher one. My skin is so sensitive, but it didn't cause an allergy.  It's so cheap and favorable but wonderful! So I recommend! Link is here!

Next pallet on my review list is this palette for contouring. It came in same packet like previous pallet, so that's mean it's so quality and good. When I ordered It, I didn't get too much attention to colors, just I recieved one such pallet and therefore ordered it. I didn't expect to get a highlighter, just colors for contour. When I get It, I saw that I've got one bright highlighter, one bright color for baking under eyes, one stone powder in my skin color, and one color for contouring. Is it okay for me? No! That's great. I expect so different items, so I've got one so good pallet. It's so nice for every day! All colors are so pigmented, but not too too much! It's fantastic for my skin. I use this nice highlighter for every day, to give me just natural shine. This the brighest color is fantastic for baking. this third color is great for set my facial, and the last one, the darkes is so good for contur. I love this pallet. It's so useful. Colors don't leave orange stains, what is exellent for me! And it's really long lasting. This pallet doesn't cost so much but it's so lovely and wodnerful! Big recommend. Find it here!

So let's continue. Next palette is pallet of glitters! Everyone who knows me, know that I love to shine and love shimmer so much. But glitter... Hm, not to much! That's first glitter pallet what I have, do you believe? Glitter is so popular now, and every girl loves to use it in every makeup look! But I'm someone who opposes to be like everyone. So that's why I don't have any glitter pallet. But, given that I'm doing makeup, I must have the least one glitter pallet. So I decided to order one. I chose this right because it looks colorful. In packet comes 12 different colors who are so pigmented. Glitter is husky, but so shine and nice. It's easy for useing and apply! I know that I won't use this pallet ever, but I love it so much. The pallet itselfs is very nice, looks elite, brandy and expensive. It isn't cheap but isn't expensive.If you love glitter, that's pallet is definitely for you, so go on this link and shopping!

The pallet that follows is a palette of eyeshadows. Namely, It's about one so so nice pallet, on first looks. Outside, it looks so elite, so brandy and beautiful. It opens on magnet, what is so popular and makes packet easier for useing. Palettes contais 18 different colors. All colors are so interesting. Some of them is matte, but some is with shimmer. Most of the colors are with warm tones, earth colors and pink/rose tones. Colors are powdery, but they have very fine texture. They are easy to blend and apply well. This pallet can be used for everyday makeup, but also for evening looks.I can't say that it has thrilled me, but it is average and I like it If it cost more, I wouldn't buy it, but for this price, it's great. I recommend it. Link is here.

Natural Color long Lasting Highlighters
And the last one pallet in this big haul is pallet of highlighters. This is somthenig what thrilled me the most in this shopping! It's something perfect, I must say! I saved this pallet for the end, like the best for the end. Itself pallet is fantastic and brilliant, and has unicorn shine. On first looks, you will fall in love with it. Whey you open it, the colors is so special and amazing! You get 6 different natural colors which shine. All of them are so pigmented, but so natural. They are suitable for all skin type, made by safe materials, and wouldn't irritate your sensitive skin! Colors are really long lasting, high quality ingredients with shine colors. It's so easy for apply and control, sitable for professional use and beginners. They are perfect for photoshooting! You may use them every day or in glamurous makeup looks. It's eco-friendly, what is so important for me. Here is so nice colors, from white, to pink and blue. Blue highlihger? Why not! It's fantastic! Recommend! Link is here.

So this is the end of this review! Do you like my haul! What do you love the most? Did you buy some of these palletes? Write me in comments. Have a nice day! See you soon, my darling.

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  1. Love that package love! :)

  2. Palete su predivne, Sandra. Odlično si odabrala. Paleta za konturisanje deluje fino, a i pročitala sam pozitivne kritike o njoj, hajlajter deluje lepo, takođe, s tim da bi meni verovatno jedino odgovarala najsvetila nijansa, a glitter senka mi se najviše dopada, jer ja lično jako volim glitter senke, a ove veoma dobro izgledaju. ❤❤

    Novi post je na blogu 😊

  3. Aaaa, gliteri 😍😍😍. Obožavam ih, posebno one skroz sitno mljevene što se ne izdvajaju od ostatka proizvoda, ali opet savršeno naglase svaku crtu. Moram priznati da sam i ranije poručivala palete sjenki sa kineskih sajtova, te da sam bila i više nego oduševljena kvalitetom istih. Rosegal ima stvarno super ponudu, ali ono što meni krade pogled definitivno je ova Colorful paleta 😍😍😍
    I da, dobro nam došla nazad 😘😘😘

  4. Hey dear!
    Love the colors, super amAzing <3

  5. Great haul, my dear! Everything looks so interesting, but the eyeshadow palette is my favourite. Those earthy, warm colours are my cup of tea. Thank you for the wonderfull photos and a review😊!

  6. Koliko predivnih stvarcica si narucila draga Sandra *--*. Posljednja paleta hajlajtera je def. moj favorit. Tvoj make up je zaista on point i jako mi se dopada <3

  7. I loved the corrective palette, it has many colors! SOn 16 haha I with two I was satisfied!
    Undoubtedly if the rogue out there I miss her!

  8. I loved, <3

  9. Odličan post i recenzija. Prelijepo se šminkaš, makeup ti je savršen *o* paletice mi se čine kvalitetnim u odnosu na cijenu

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  10. Omg..i fall in love with this palettes! ;)
    Have a nice day ;)

  11. Uau quantas paletinhas lindas adorei todas.
    Belo recebido, adoro essa loja e estou esperando chegar algumas coisas.
    Jana Makes Esmaltes e Cia

  12. what a beautiful color >.< love it

    have a nice day

  13. I love the palettes and your final result is amazing! BEAUTYPUSINKA

  14. I love all of them specially glitters!! and you look gorgeously beautiful.
    My Blog

  15. Thanks a lot :D

    wooow, both are fantastic :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  16. Divaaan post! Slike su odlicne! :)
    Nadam se da ces ostaviti komentar na mom zadnjem postu o putovanju u Split :)

  17. Divne palete *_* Kako ih želim samo sve *_* <3
    Super post!

  18. Wow!
    So beautiful!!!
    Love the 3.
    Have a nice weekend!

  19. Beautiful palletes! Some of them are in my favourites and I think I'm going to order them next time ;)

  20. These palettes looks great and your make up is awesome :-*

    Melanie /