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by - август 27, 2018

Well, hello everyone! It's me, Sandra, so welcome to Malefica's Kingdoom.
As you may have noticed, I wasn't there for a long time. Why? Because It's fantastic summer, and I am on my holiday. At the beginning of the summer, I thought I would use this summer to arrange and expand my blog, however, I decided to spend my whole summer enjoying it. I hope you don't mind it.

Today is Monday, August 27th. Today is gloomy and rainy day, but I'm very nice, and my feelings are fantastic. Why? Because I made a collaboration with a wonderful site, and like you may see in the title, it's Dresslily. You know that I love this site so much. It's so interesting for internet shopping. On this site you can fint a lot od different items, with high quality, for great prices. A lot of times I was talking about clothes and shoes,and bags too, from Dresslily, but this time I decided to present you something different. If you follow me on my Instagram you know that I love Jewelry so much. I have a lot piercings, and love to wear necklaces, rings and ect. All items from this site are so quality, but now let's start talking about these body jewelry! All of these accessories are maden from quality metal, and similar details, which look very luxurious. Imagine a black simple classic dress and this jewelry over it. Would not it look very luxurious? It's really wonderful.

LINK                                                                            LINK
LINK                                                                   LINK

All this jewelry can be found in other colors on the site. It is very affordable and cheap and it looks incredible. Really pretty and amazing! I chose one for myself, and are you? Soon you will se my review about it. So... Do you like my selection? I'm sure that you will love it. It's so popular and attractive, so don't wait, go and take one for yourself. 
To the next time, Malefica loves you all.

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