Hat and boots are always the best combination

by - фебруар 04, 2018

It's Saturday, gloomy murk day! I'm in my home, and can't go out, but I'm happy to share with you my opinion about packet I've got from Rosegal. As you may see in title, in this post we wil talk about combination of boots and heels. Unfortunately, my weather doesn't allow me to make better photos, but I am therefore inspired to write better than ever. Since ancient times, true ladies wore caps and hats. In the cold autumn days, during winter and early summer, women wore boots. Over time, it all turned into fashion. Now every fashion line promotes a combination of hats and boots. Whether it's knitted hats, leather hats or hats, and deep or short boots, on a hat or flat, this combination is the tip. That's why I decided to get myself a wonderful combination, and that's why I ordered one cap and one boots in the same color. So let's see ...

The boots I ordered were made of soft material. Although the material is soft, it isn't thin. It 's very comfortable and the boot is easy to wear. On the side there is a slot for easier booting boots. The sheath itself is not too high. The sole is thin but very high quality. I have to say that these are the most comfortable sticks I have. They are so easy to wear, very comfortable and comfortable. I can stand all day in them, without my feet hurting. They are very nice, intensely black and gently overwhelmed. I like them very much. They are very quality and affordable. I recommend.

The hat I ordered up is knitted, black, very soft and quality. I've never been a fan of a hat since my head is big so my caps do not stand well, but I decided to tell this cap. I like what it looks like, but I do not like what it looks like on me. I will not give it to anyone just because I want in my collection. It's accessible in other colors, I recommend.

Also, Rosegal prepared Rosegal Best valentine giftsValentines Sales 2018 (click on link) . You can use my Coupone: RosegalChen , and there you will have Big coupone 10% OFF! Also, use my Rosegal CODE: RosegalIns. This also have 10%-20% coupon off! It's fantastic a bid, isn't it? 

So this is the end. Do you like my haul? Write me in comments!
To the next time, Malefica loves you.

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  1. super trendy boots my friend :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  2. These boots are amazing!:)


  3. Thank you so much for your comment, Malefica!! Can't wait to show you all those new ins in the coming outfits! ;) Happy day! Kss

    ♥ ★ ♥ GINGER COLLAGE ♥ ★ ♥

  4. Ove čizme se toliko nose, već dvije godine za redom i meni se toliko dopadaju. Stvarno odličan izbor draga

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  5. These shoes are amazing! I only wish that I would look good in them - I'm too tiny to wear such kind of shoes, it makes me even shorter :( Have a great day!

  6. Uauu so nice your boots!


  7. I am currently waiting for an identical model, so shoes are great for me
    Best wishes, Madda

  8. Čizme su predobree


  9. Super su mi ove čizme, imam slične. Mislim da su dooosta ženstvene ♥

  10. Nice post! I love your blog!
    I am following you, follow back!


  11. Adorei seu post, a bota é linda. Beijos

  12. Naručila sam vrlo slične čizme i stigle su mi prekjuče. Moje imaju onu trakicu, (pertlicu, mašnu, kako god) iza kolena, a inače su baš, baš slične. Čini mi se da je čak i materijal isti. Što se hape tiče, must have, šta reći. Odličan odabir ❤️

    The girl named Ana

  13. I really like knee boots and these are amazing dear!! ^-^
    Great outfit paired with hat!

  14. I love those kind of boots very trendy.
    Have a nice day..
    Xoxo from Portugal


  15. Beautifull boots! I have this shoes too.
    Have a nice weekend! <3

  16. those boots look so gorgeous!!!


  17. You look nice in these bots, you look like a cook in it. I invite you to the new entry is already